3 Cheap & Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Dandruff
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3 Cheap & Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Dandruff

No one like leaving the house and catching a glimpse of their reflection somewhere, only to find they look like it’s been snowing on their shoulders. Yes, the age-old problem of dandruff can be embarrassing, and many people think it’s expensive to fix too. However, there are some frugal solutions you can try, that are guaranteed to get rid of dandruff without needing to pay for costly treatments.

Check out the cheapest and most effective ways of getting rid of dandruff here:

Get Some Shampoo For Dry Scalps

Dandruff normally comes around because of dry skin on your scalp. As such, the easiest way to target this is by using products that help prevent dry skin. Getting shampoo for dry scalp conditions is the perfect place to start. Wash your hair with this as often as you see fit, and it will nourish your scalp and keep your skin hydrated. This prevents flaky skin from breaking away, which inevitably causes the trademark dandruff look we know and hate. What’s more, you can buy a bottle of shampoo that’s fairly cheap, use it in moderation, and it will last for months. Cost effective, and just generally very effective at achieving results too.

Lemon & Coconut Oil Rinse

Aside from shampoo, there are loads of natural products you can use to help cure dandruff. The great thing is, many of these products can be used around the house for other things too. So, it’s the epitome of frugal living to buy things that have multiple uses, providing you with more value. Here, you will use lemon and coconut oil in your hair. Combine the two together, massage it into your scalp, and wait for it to work wonders. The oil is great for hydrating your dry scalp, while the lemon will treat dandruff naturally. Rinse it out, and then spend ages playing ‘spot the dandruff’ (you’ll lose, it won’t be found anywhere!).

3 Cheap & Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Dandruff

Baking Soda

Again, baking soda is a fantastic home remedy as you’ll likely have some lying around in your kitchen anyway. So, you don’t have to go out and buy something specifically for your dandruff problem. It also happens to be highly effective in treating dandruff. There are many reasons why baking soda and dandruff are the perfect mixes. For one, it’s a natural antiseptic, which means it can deal with the fungal infection in your skin that produces dandruff. Secondly, it’s also proven to be great for thoroughly cleaning things. You’ll often use baking soda to get rid of tough stains around the house, but it can also clean your scalp and leave it nice and smooth too. Using it is simply a case of wetting your hair, applying the baking soda, massaging it into your scalp, then rinsing it with water.


I love these tips because they help destroy dandruff without tearing a hole through your purse. Think about it, there’s nothing here you have to buy that isn’t essential anyway. Sure, you need new shampoo, but this can replace your old one and gets used regularly. Coconut oil is probably the other thing some people might not have, but it’s a great replacement for vegetable oil when cooking, and is healthier too!





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