Tough Situations That You Might Have To Deal With As a Family 
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Tough Situations That You Might Have To Deal With As a Family 


Families at one point or another are going to have to deal with some less than fortunate situations. These can come in many forms but the important factor is how the family comes together to overcome these obstacles. Creating a plan in case of disaster is important as a death in the family or loss of a job can come as a surprise so it is better to be prepared. All families have different dynamics so there is no one size fits all approach for different families encountering a similar problem. Below are some of those tough situations as well as how to deal with them as a family. 

Losing A Job

The main breadwinner of the family losing their job can be devastating to the family as a whole. Families need to have money saved up for these types of situations to pay bills and put food on the table. In today’s world there are plenty of opportunities to earn money from home while searching for new employment. Even doing freelance work can help lessen the financial blow that the losing the job caused the family to endure. The most important thing is that the person that lost the job does not take their frustrations out on the rest of the family. This is the time to cash in professional and personal favors in order to find a suitable job as fast as possible. 

Death In The Family 

Death in the family is going to happen at some point or another. The member of the family that passes away can play a huge role in how your family reacts. A distant uncle while important to the family might not have the impact of a grandparent passing away. This can be used as a teaching moment for the children to realize that life is precious and we should tell our family members we love them as much as we can. Keep a close eye on yourself as well as the children to make sure they are not withdrawing or showing other signs that they might need to go see a therapist. 

Tough Situations That You Might Have To Deal With As a Family 


Addiction can impact people of all income levels, races, religions, and genders. A family member that is battling an addiction can ruin relationships as well as put the family in financial peril. Separate your children from this situation or if a parent is the addict only allow them to interact with the children when they are sober. Most addictions do not take care of themselves and without treatment most worsen. Battling an addiction early is important as later on the addiction could be too strong for the addict to overcome. The importance of recognizing the signs of addiction can help get the professional treatment needed before the addiction progresses. 

Moving To A New City

Moving is not only tough on the children but it can be tough on you as well. Most of the time people move to a new city it is due to a career opportunity. The right job offer can be intriguing enough to uproot the entire family to another city. Moving is going to be stressful so consider putting certain items in storage when moving to Seattle or any other large city where rent is incredibly high. This is a perfect option until you have found permanent residence and it is the most budget friendly option. The hard part is going to come when the kids are saying goodbye to their friend in the only city they have ever called home. This is the time as a parent where you need to support your children as you want the transition to the new city to be as smooth as possible. 

Rift Between Sides Of The Family

Families have feuds that can last for years or decades for more major fights. Take a proactive approach to trying to mend the issues dividing the family. The first thing that needs to be done is to clarify why this rift has occurred. Far too many times family fights have lasted for so long that the original reason for the tension can be forgotten. With social media it has become as easy as ever to stay in contact and slowly start talking to these family members. Do not push too hard as some people might withdraw leading to the rift becoming worse than ever. 

Bad things happen to good families at times but it is how we react that really matters. Resilience as a family is a desirable trait as the family will feel like they can go through anything as long as they are together. The above situation could occur so take the advice above to help deal with these unfortunate events. 

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