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Thanksgiving Travel and Ways to Save!!


Thanksgiving means traveling for lots of families!! I am lucky enough that the farthest I have to go away from home is 2 hours so ours our usually all day trips and then come home later in the night.  But if you have to travel for Thanksgiving here are a few helpful hints to make it affordable!!

Buy early if you have to travel by airplane! The earlier you book the better your deal is going to be so don’t procrastinate and book today.  Check out travel sites for the best deals.  Try to fly out earlier than the day before Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving, travelers always travel on those days so if you can go a few days early you will save some big bucks.

Packing light will save you money!! If you have to have it consider shipping it out before you or weighing your bags to make sure they are under the weight restrictions.  If you are a solo traveler get it all to fit into the overhead compartment to save a little more.  Check for surcharges before you book for your flight.  You don’t want to pay extra  for your Thanksgiving dinner, and pay attention to the fees they are trying to charge you!! Some of them can be avoided if you do your homework.

Make sure you do some comparison shopping.  Don’t just go with your favorite airline, another airline may have a better deal and the money you save will be your own.

Check for different routes too because sometimes traveling is cheaper if you have an layover.  Take that time to get in a little bit of exercise, read a book, or browse the Internet on your phone.  The money you save will be well worth the wait.

Traveling by car is another way to save but take into consideration how much time you will spend driving.  As well as what the national price of gas is when you are planning on taking your trip.  Pack your own snacks to avoid higher prices at the gas station, fill up when the price is low and don’t speed because it just costs you more gas in the end. Remember your GPS system or phone charger so you can have a GPS if you happen to come into traffic, detours or delays on your way.

Don’t forget to check bus and train stations for their travel deals as well.  Sometimes the prices will surprise you, but you have to book early!! Check them all out today and remember to save over your Thanksgiving holiday where you can!!


Money saving Mom of 1, who loves to travel, cook, and of course spend time with family. We have a family of 3 including Mr. SMSL and of course Diesel our latest addition to the family. I'm glad you are here with me!

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