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Thanksgiving Savings


Thanksgiving is a pretty pricey holiday when you consider all of the food you make for one day.  So here are afew of my biggest tips to help you save where you can!! Go as cheap as you can and leave all the frills behind. No one will notice I promise!!

  1. Make a list of what you want to have and stick to it.  This will help you prepare your shopping list as well.  If you start early enough you can pair a great sale with coupon and get the name brand cheaper than the generic version.
  2. Cut the amount of food you prepare in half.  There should still be plenty to go around but you won’t have as many leftovers.
  3. Take advantage of the turkey specials! Right now Piggly Wiggly has them on sale for 99 cents a pound so I’m getting mine there.
  4. Some stores offer free hams when you buy turkeys–When this happens I always take advantage of it because meat is expensive and you can eat turkey more than once a year this way.  Hy-Vee has this promotion at least once during November.
  5. Cook from scratch if you can.  This will save you an arm and leg but it does take a little more time.
  6. Ask relatives to bring something to the dinner.  Most of them won’t mind to help and it cuts down on money out of your pocket.
  7. Plan meals after Thanksgiving around your leftovers.  I freeze at least half of the leftovers to have in a couple weeks when I overcook.
  8. Make homemade decorations or have just a few. There is no reason to buy new decorations each year when the older ones will work.
  9. Enjoy time with your family that day. Because that is really what it is all about.
  10. Bake items at the same time to save on energy!!
Money saving Mom of 1, who loves to travel, cook, and of course spend time with family. We have a family of 3 including Mr. SMSL and of course Diesel our latest addition to the family. I'm glad you are here with me!

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