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Thanksgiving Menu Ideas (instead of turkey)

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas (instead of turkey) 

 Thanksgiving Menu Ideas (instead of turkey)

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas (instead of turkey) Are you not feeling turkey this year for the Thanksgiving table? No worries if you do not like turkey because there are plenty of other menu ideas for the table this year. Think outside of the box and enjoy these Thanksgiving menu ideas.

Grilled Chicken

If you’re just not a fan of turkey and are looking for an alternative, then consider grilled chicken for the main menu idea this year. You can easily marinate some chicken and then grill it outside or inside on an electric grill. This is a great option for those who want to eat a little healthier this holiday season. Chicken is versatile and can be used many ways. Chicken is also perfect for making meals out of leftover Thanksgiving food.

Make Your Own Pizza Pie

Can you ever really go wrong with pizza? A great menu idea for Thanksgiving would have to be pizza. You can allow everyone to make their own pizza. Simply pre-prep the dough and you can allow everyone to put their own toppings on their pizza. This idea would be great for families who have little kids and need something easy to feed everyone.


There is no law that says you cannot have tacos on Thanksgiving. It’s actually quite common to pick a food that everyone loves. Tacos are a great option for a menu idea for Thanksgiving. They are cheap, easy to make, and who doesn’t love tacos? For the people who cannot have tortillas, offer them a bed of lettuce.

Potato Bar

Whether you choose sweet potatoes or regular potatoes, this can be a great option for a Thanksgiving menu. You will keep your guests happy by offering them a delicious potato bar. Sour cream, chives, and butter are just a few of the toppings you can add to your potato bar for your Thanksgiving meal.

What meal do you love to make for your guests that’s non-traditional?


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Kathy Baccus

Love Turkey and diffrerent recipes with it

Debbie Welchert

What great ideas. My favorites are the potato bar and the tacos. I wonder what turkey tacos would taste like?

Ronald Gagnon

I love the idea of making Grilled Chicken, because everyone you visit will be using some kind of turkey leftover recipes