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Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for Thanksgiving decorating ideas that will make sense for your home? Whether you’re out of ideas or seriously need some help, these Thanksgiving decorating ideas will hit the spot!

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

If you’re on a tight budget this year and don’t have a lot to decorate with, create a simple Thanksgiving centerpiece for your table. You can make it out of homemade stuff or Thanksgiving décor you have in your home. Simple, yet perfect!

Thanksgiving Art

If you have kids at home, a great way to decorate your home for Thanksgiving is to use their artwork. You can frame it and then hang it around your home. There’s something really cool about having the artwork your kids created, hanging around your home. Even years after they are gone you will still have the memories to hold onto.

Thanksgiving Mantel

Do you have a mantel in your home that isn’t being used at the moment? Create a Thanksgiving mantel in your home to help it look perfect for fall. You can use fall colors, leaves, or décor you have found over the years to make your mantel look complete.

Thanksgiving Wreath

Another great, yet simple idea is to make a Thanksgiving wreath for your home as décor this year. Pinecones are a great item to use when making a wreath for your home. Use appropriate colored ribbon to add a little pizzazz to the wreath. You really can’t go wrong with this Thanksgiving décor idea.

Candles Galore

If you want to spice up your home with Thanksgiving décor, consider candles. You can buy candles and add a little fall flair to them. Adding feathers, ribbon, leaves, and pinecones can turn a regular candle into something very fallish!

If you are having a hard time decorating for Thanksgiving, think fall. These two themes go hand in hand and make decorating a lot easier. Try not to stress and keep it simple!

Show off your finished projects, we want to see how creative you got!



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Adding candles to decor definitely does wonders!