Thanksgiving Crafts
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Thanksgiving Crafts


Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving is finally almost here. It’s a great time to break out the crafting supplies and get to crafting. If you’re short on Thanksgiving craft ideas, check these ones out.

Painting Pumpkins

Did you know that pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween, they’re for Thanksgiving too? For a little more of an elegant craft, try painting pumpkins for Thanksgiving. This is a fun craft that can be done by people of all ages! Get creative with the them and show us your painted pumpkins. 

Turkeys Galore

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there’s always something you can make a turkey out of. Whether it’s a toilet paper roll and construction paper or a turkey made out of a paper plate, your craft options are endless. You could have a day planned to just create turkeys out of random stuff in your home. You can then display these turkeys around your home on Thanksgiving Day!

Thankful Pie

Another great Thanksgiving craft that you can do this year is known as a thankful pie. Using brown construction paper, create something that closely resembles a pie. You will then write everything you’re thankful for right on the pie!

Thanksgiving Chalk Board

This is a fun one! Find a spot in your house that you can paint with chalkboard paint. If you don’t have a place in your house that you’re able to do this, choose an old piece of wood or something that you can add the paint to. Then spend time writing what you’re thankful for! This is something the whole family can do and enjoy at the same time.

Food Crafts

One of the most fun things to do around Thanksgiving is to play with your food. You can create so many different food crafts for Thanksgiving. If you need an idea, grab some sugar cookies, and use candy corn for the feathers. You will then create a face using icing and M&Ms.

If you’re trying to create a fun Thanksgiving craft for everyone to do for the holidays, go for it. Don’t get caught up in the difficult of it, just have fun!

Be sure to show us your finished Thanksgiving Crafts when you get them done. 


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