Happy Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving Activity 

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Activities! Thanksgiving is a time for traveling, spending time with loved ones and usually lots of food as well as fun.  But if you aren’t traveling a long distance you don’t want to hear “I’m bored” on the first day of Thanksgiving Break.  So take some time out of your busy holiday schedule to do a few of these great activities together. The time you spend together is priceless and one of the best things you can do during the holidays. 

Fun Family Ideas

  • Bundle up and go for a nature walk.  Keep your eyes open for a turkey, birds, or other wildlife in your area. 
  • Create a Thanksgiving Day Scrapbook using digital cameras and an at home printer. There are lots of great ideas for printing photos and making small books so you have it to remember your special day. 
  • Pull out the board games and card games! We spend Thanksgiving morning cooking as a family, then the afternoon and evening playing board games, card games and enjoying each others company. 
  • Pumpkin Race-   Divide yourselves up evenly into two teams.  Then, mark a start and a finish line, we use duct tape on the floor, but whatever works best for your family would be fine. In two’s family members roll a pumpkin from one end of the race course to the other. Then, the next person takes off rolling their pumpkin, so on and so forth until you have a winning team. 
  • Play a game of charades. 
  • Before the meal spend a few moments telling your family what you are thankful for. Some of the kids’ responses are always fun to hear. 
  • Make Pilgrims Hats

    Boy’s Hat

    Pilgrim’s hats aren’t really that difficult to make. Here’s what you’ll need:

    * Black construction paper – 12 x 12 inches
    * Black construction paper – 12 x 12 inches cut into 4-inch strips
    * Gray construction paper – 9 x 12 inches
    * Tape
    * Pencil or pen
    * Scissors
    * Glue

    Begin by cutting an oval out of the full sheet of black construction paper. This will be the brim of the hat.

    Cut the second sheet of black paper into strips 4 inches wide. Tape them together to reach around the child’s head. Tape the end of the paper to remain the correct size and resemble a tube. Create an oval shape and trace around it, leaving about 3 inches all around the brim. Cut the inner circle out and try it on the child’s head.

    Tape the tube onto the brim using tape, trying to match the edges as well as possible. Then you can make a thin band out of the gray paper as well as an open square for the buckle. Tape or glue those onto the hat.

    Don’t worry about the hat not having a top. If you want to have one, turn the hat over so the opening of the hat is facing up. Trace the hole and then cut it out. Tape it onto the hat and it will then be closed.

    Girl’s Hat

    Girls wore a bonnet rather than a hat. These can be made by taking a 12-inch by 18-inch piece of white construction paper. Fold one side of the length of the paper up about 3 inches. Punch a hole about half inch above the fold on the wider side.

    Measure across the paper 6 inches and draw a 3-inch line toward the fold; measure over 6 inches and draw another 3-inch line. Cut on the 3-inch line and fold the two outer flaps toward the center. Glue or staple the flaps to help the hat maintain its shape. Tie a piece of ribbon through each of the holes which can be tied under the chin.

    The remainder of the costumes for boys can be black sweats with a white paper collar. Girls would have worn black dresses with white collars and cuffs. These can easily be made and taped to their regular clothing.

    Children will have fun putting on a Thanksgiving play but will probably enjoy learning how to make a pilgrim’s hat more. Encourage your children to learn about Thanksgiving by sharing what you remember about the holiday from when you were their age. Perhaps you made your own costumes and performed your own play so they’re carrying on a family tradition.



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