Tackling Fall Cleaning
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Fall Cleaning Tips–Which do you do?

Tackling Fall Cleaning

Tackling Fall Cleaning—Fall Cleaning Tips–Which do you do? Every season at our house brings out a little deeper cleaning for about a month on Saturday’s.  We do housework everyday around here, but our house is lived in that is for sure.  But every season we do a little “deeper” cleaning than we normally do just to cut down on clutter, dirt, and getting rid of things we don’t need or use.

We started last Saturday with the office/laundry room area and got that area whipped back into shape.  Today we are tackling “outside” of the kitchen or the stuff that you can.  Shelves, cobwebs, clutter control, ceiling fan cleaning and of course surface and fridge cleaning.  I know I have items inside those cabinets I don’t use, but cleaning cabinets is an all day job in itself so we break our seasonal cleaning into sections.

So here is how we do it.

  • Start at the top and work our way down.
  • Cobwebs are first to come down
  • Then we start wiping/cleaning knick knack shelves and of course the things on them.
  • Surface cleaning and wiping down the outsides of things
  • Each room we are in we like to get rid of at least 20 things we no longer use or need.
  • Take it out to the vehicle so it can easily be donated or snap a picture to put it online. (I’ve made several dollars by selling items I no longer want on local swap shops) Don’t forget to clean your vehicle too! 

In our house we all work together to get the area clean. It takes a little bit of hard work and dedication but the end result is a cleaner more organized house.  What area of the house are you going to tackle today?

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