Snake Saturday Fun
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Snake Saturday Fun

Snake Saturday Fun

Snake Saturday was March 14th in Kansas City and we had a blast! Mr. SMSL and I went with a group of 4 other adults and had a fun filled Saturday. The parade activities were family friendly with a little bit of adult humor thrown into the mix, but we all had an absolute blast! After the parade there are pubs you can crawl, or do other things like we did.  But I have to admit, I was like a kid in a candy store with all of the fun things to see and do while the parade was going down the street in front of us.  


Snake Saturday is the largest Irish Festival in the area with over 100,000 people in attendance for the two day event.  It has been held for over 29 years on the Saturday before Saint Patrick’s Day and has lots to see and do.  There are kid’s areas, family friendly atmosphere, carnivals and so much more.    While I knew I was going to do a short post on Snake Saturday for you all, I only took a few pictures and only one video. 
Parade 1


Here are a few helpful tips: 

Bring your lawn chairs
Bring blankets (it’s cold at first!)
Bring your drinks with you, but not to much there wasn’t a public restroom where we were and there are lots of people there!! 
Wear lots of green and get into the St. Patrick’s Day Spirit! 
Come early and stay late to enjoy the activities!! 
Snake Saturday 2
In the parade there were bagpipes, floats, marching bands, unique entries, horses, bike clubs, car clubs, jeep clubs and so much more!  It is something that the SMSL family will do for years to come because it allowed me to be present, have fun and enjoy the moment. So be sure you make plans to attend the next St. Patrick’s Day fun of Snake Saturday on March 12, 2016!  I promise your whole family will enjoy the day!! 

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