Quick Snippers Sponsor Highlight Post
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Quick Snippers®

Quick Snippers Sponsor Highlight Post

Quick Snippers Sponsor Highlight Post

Quick Snippers is helping sponsor my trip to Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 12-14, 2014! As one of the perks of being my sponsor they get  lots of other great benefits as well.  I’ve been using Quick Snippers for almost a year now and would  never go back to carrying around several pairs of scissors again.  While I don’t do a lot of scrapbooking any more when I decide I’m in the mood to do it, grabbing a few supplies instead of dozens makes getting my supplies out a little more often.

quick snippers 4

I love that the Quick Snippers replaces 6 decorative scissors and let’s me only carry one tool with multiple scissors. This help me tremendously when it comes to days that my extended family and I get together to scrapbook.  I love that the Quick Snippers easily lift out of the case and snap right back down into place when you are ready for a new pair.  They even have a straight edge pair of scissors which makes them even better in my opinion!! The 6 designs are Victoria, Zig Zag, Lightening bolt, Scallop, Corkscrew, and the straight edge.


Quick Snippers

Be sure to check out the Quick Snippers video below!

Lisa Avery of LIMIRI LLC, Product Developer of Quick Snippers® ~ a decorative scissors tool.

Five years ago, a friend mentioned the dilemma of carting multiple craft scissors in her craft bag.  I immediately envisioned just one tool which would encompass six different decorative scissors.  With that vision in mind, I began the adventure of creating a company and developing my idea.  Within two years, Quick Snippers was launched at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show and brought to the marketplace.  Since then, my own amateur craft projects have become more ‘sophisticated’ using this simple, portable tool.




Make sure you check out on their Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and Flickr accounts!!  They are a must have addition to any crafter or scrapbooker’s supply closet!

Quick Snippers can be purchased from their website for only $21.99 so they are even cheaper than most other scissors!! Order yours today and don’t forget to order another pair for a gift!

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