Quick Cleaning Tips
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Quick Cleaning Tips

Quick Cleaning Tips

Cleaning our home can sometimes feel like a major burden. Right? It’s like everything is calling your name from the dishes to the kids’ rooms. Well, you don’t need to live in a stressed out cleaning frenzy any longer, here are some quick cleaning tips to help you along.

Just 15 Minutes

What do I mean, “just 15 minutes?” Take 15 minutes of your time and spend it cleaning one area of your house. I know I get more done when I’m focused, then when I’m not. I love spending 15 minutes cleaning one room because I get it done so much faster. I think the majority of my “cleaning” doesn’t get done because I get too distracted trying to clean 100 things at once.

Clutter Catching

This is another favorite way of cleaning my home as fast as possible. I spend a few minutes each day de-cluttering. It’s amazing how quickly clutter can get into our homes, isn’t it? I love getting rid of clutter because it’s like a stress reliever for me. Try clutter catching your house to see how stress relieved you quickly become.

Move On

Another quick cleaning tip that I like to implement is “moving on.” If a certain part of my cleaning gets too overwhelming, I move onto something else. I now know that I need more than 15 minutes to clean this specific area. Moving on makes sure I don’t get stressed out and it also ensures I know to come back later when I have more time.

Cleaning Calendar

Something that has helped me over time is creating a cleaning calendar. I have a list of when I clean what, so that I know everything gets cleaned eventually. I can take a quick look at the calendar and see “okay, vacuuming is on the schedule today.” And I don’t have to worry about folding the laundry because I know that will get done the next day. A “cleaning calendar” really helps me to stay focused more than ever before.

I hope these quick cleaning tips help you stay focused on your cleaning goals this year. Maybe cleaning doesn’t need to feel like such a burden anymore.

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