Pregame Traditions
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Pregame Traditions



If your family is anything like mine spending time together is something that we don’t do often enough.  However, because my husband and daughter are both sports nuts we spend more time together watching sports and hosting parties than we do anything in the Fall and continued into the Winter months.  Whether we are watching High School Football, High School Basketball, watching NCAA games or NFL games there are a few things that are always the same.  

#1 We must have appetizers handy.  Some of our favorites include, Little Smokies, Ham & Pickle Pinwheels and nachos.  

#2 Drinks are a must have item to have on hand and usually include tea, pop, and of course a few alcoholic beverages. 

#3 There is a snack station that allows everyone to grab a plateful of food and return to their respective seats to watch the game. 

#4 Plenty of seating, who wants to be sitting on the floor? But always include big pillows, bean bags and comfy seating for the kids too! 

#5 Have lots of game food ready such as sliders, hot dogs, and usually some homemade chili. 

#6  Have lots of fun with friends and family and of course watch the game! 

Pregame Traditions

Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family to bring a finger food as their cost of “admission” to your party. It is a nice way to spread the responsibility around as well as get something new and exciting on your game day menu!   

What are some of your pregame traditions?




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