What is Perfect Keto & Coupon Code?
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What is Perfect Keto & Coupon Code?

Perfect Keto is a new keto diet product that has taken the ketogenic diet community by storm. Some keto dieters tout that the product helps you go straight into ketosis with little effort.

With the science still out, it begs one to question. What is Perfect Keto really? A new and improved method to the keto diet or just another way to swindle impatient dieters out of their money?

What is Perfect Keto & Coupon Code?
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Perfect Keto: Jumpstarting Your Body into Ketosis

From what the product states, Perfect Keto is a type of exogenous ketone supplement powder. The ketones are naturally derived salts called beta-hydroxybutyrates combined with magnesium, calcium, stevia, citric acid, and other natural flavors. Beta-hydroxybutyrates is a type of ketone the body can ingest orally and has been proven to reduce glucose levels and sustain ketosis in the body.

How Perfect Keto Works

Perfect Keto works by giving your body ketones orally and preparing your body for ketosis – the process that the keto diet takes its name from. 

This means you can jump back into ketosis after a dietary hiatus or start the ketosis process immediately if you are new to the keto diet. Although, this type of ketosis is achieved through an exogenous method whereas the endogenous method; the strict following of the keto diet, is how the body naturally goes into ketosis. 

Ketosis: Endogenous Vs. Exogenous 

There are two ways to go into ketosis. Both methods of ketosis have their benefits and drawbacks depending on what your goals are and your current state of health. 

The pros and cons of each ketosis method

Endogenous Ketosis


  • Promotes nutritional ketosis which is the most natural method
  • Results are long-term ketosis and overall good health
  • It is cheaper to buy keto diet foods and follow the diet as instructed


  • Takes a lot of time and discipline for the body to naturally produce its own ketones. 

  • People often relapse due to the drastic cutbackon carbohydrates.

  • Cravings, headaches, fatigue and other uncomfortable symptoms can occur on the keto diet.


Pros Exogenous Ketosis

  • Simpler to use and easier to follow compared to the keto diet.
  • You can ease your way into the ketosis process
  • Can help with hunger and cravings while fasting and training. This gives the added benefit of weight loss since you aren’t cheating your diet.
  • Can help boost cognitive function while on the keto diet.
  • Helps athletes and those working out a lot while on the keto diet. Gives the extra energy boost needed in place of glucose.


  • Promotes ketonemia not the nutritional ketosis

  • Results are temporary ketosis through elevated levels of ketones in the body’s bloodstream.

  • Benefits are mainly for people who are already on the keto diet or for people want to start their keto diet.

  • The Perfect Keto product is fairly expensive 

Final Thoughts and Perfect Keto Coupon Code 

As you can see exogenous ketosis isn’t nearly as beneficial as natural (endogenous) ketosis. As the old saying goes “slow and steady wins the race” and that is how the keto diet works. There are no quick cheats or methods beyond what your body already naturally does. If you are going to use Perfect Keto,it is best to use it for whatit is a supplement and not the diet itself.You can save money today with the coupon codeCL15. Just enter it at checkout on PerfectKeto.com.

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