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How To Pass The LCSW On The First Try

To reach a point of sitting for the LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) examination implies that you have gone through the essential long hours of training. It is an illustration of your relentlessness and clinical worker capacities. To become an LCSW is the dream for numerous clinical worker students, and to help you actualize that dream as well, we came up with ways to boost your LCSW test preparation:

1. Formulate an organized study timetable

Preparing to sit for the LCSW test consumes much of your time. You have to study for about 50 to 70 hours to be well set. Therefore, to manage your time properly you ought to create an LCSW test prep schedule for studying and be disciplined enough to stick by it. Remember, you need a rest as well to ingest the materials you have read, so ensure your timetable features breaks too. On average, a typical human being learns for about one and a half hours. It is advisable to study up to a maximum of two hours and allot two-hour breaks in between study sessions.

2. Make use of the most appropriate study materials

Numerous LCSW examination materials are available including study guides and trial tests. Have in mind that not all study materials are equal, however. As a matter of fact, most of them are produced by individuals who never have and most likely never will sit for the test. Even some of the authors of those books are not clinical workers. Hence, make sure your material is coming from a reputable source or a tutor who specializes in LCSW test prep.

How To Pass The LCSW On The First Try

3. Forget about your practice experience

The test cares less about your previous experience. It will not assess how you apply the clinical work concepts in real life, but what is written in the books. For that case when answering questions, think of ideally what the book would require you to do not necessarily what you would personally do or have seen. Application of your work experience is bound to limit your ability to answer questions right because commonly, several book topics are not practical in actual life.

4. The test evaluates your memorizing capacity

The test does not assess the viability of your training or your capacity to assist individuals in a manner of empowering them. It tests your abilities at remembering information and knowledge of the principles of practicing social work. Memorize materials and apply them exactly how the examination wants it to be.

5. Be optimistic

Keep in mind that the test is simply the end of the tunnel of your clinical training and practice. Up to that point of sitting for the exam, you have probably already been through lengthy periods of practicing and being supervised, and your supervisor has approved your capacities as a clinical worker. You have attended to various repeat clients who acknowledge your abilities too and they would never return if they deemed you terrible. Therefore, you need to have confidence that you will pass because you have previously done it, and you will do it again.

Bottom line is, the above-mentioned ways to work on your LCSW test prep are likely to help you answer the questions in the best possible point of view. Do not let the test define who you are; instead think of it as a light in the end of the tunnel.

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