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Nokia Lumia Review

Nokia Lumia Review

Nokia Lumia Review

I’m a technology geek in a lot of ways I have learned lately.  But I have to say testing new phones is one of the best things about being a blogger.  I’ve tried several phones over the last year including the Blackberry Z10, Droid Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, HTC One 8, and now the Nokia Lumia.  I have to say that out of all of those phones the Nokia Lumia is my least favorite so far.

Nokia Lumia Review


It is ran on Windows 8 which I have a love/hate relationship with on the laptops.  But as far as having it on my phone, I personally am not a fan.  It takes some getting used to that is for sure! But the performance of the phone itself is great once you get over the awkwardness of the Windows 8.  One of the local teenager boys has this same phone and he can’t stand the phone.  I think that it isn’t as teen friendly as other phones which is why he doesn’t like it.  I personally love the camera feature but felt it has a rather large learning curve in order to become comfortable with it.

Nokia Lumia Review

One of the best features  includes a 20 Megapixel camera that allows you to record in full HD.  It has amazing visual and audio quality that is very easy to use! I love that you can zoom in on your subject without losing your resolution and looking grainy. Which is something that is very hard to do on cell phones as most of you already know.

Nokia Lumia Review


I love that you can do editing of the images right on the phone which makes it another great feature.  The camera includes optical image stabilization, keeps images blur free and are true-to-life photos.

Here are a few more great features about the camera itself!

  • Four high–performance digital mics allow for superb audio recording, ensuring that you capture the true sound of the moment while reducing background noise.
  • Capture incredibly sharp pictures–day or night
    • Use the 20–megapixel PureView camera with Zeiss optics to take amazing high–resolution pictures.
    • Zoom in on a photo after you take it, then rotate, reframe, crop and share the new image without losing image quality.
    • See your media clearly, even when outside
    • Movies. Photos. E–books. The Internet. It all appears clearly on the 5–inch full HD screen, even in direct sunlight. Show off your media to friends with a screen that features a viewing angle of almost 180 degrees, so they can gather around and see what you see without much glare or reflection.

Nokia Lumia Tips and Tricks

Screenshots are easy to take. Hold down the power button and hit the 4 squares on the lower part of your screen.  Wait for a click and you have your screenshot!

Verizon sent me the Nokia Lumia to review.  All opinions and experiences are  my own.  Be sure to follow along on the hashtag #VZWMidwest for all the newest technology updates!

Ease of use in settings is a great feature that helps eliminate squinting! You can even make it brighter or darker depending on your needs or location.

Voice commands are easily started by just holding down the windows button. Hit accept and you are ready to talk to text! I LOVE this feature!

Automatically back up your pictures using SkyDrive!!

Be sure to pick up your Nokia Lumia at your local Verizon store or online for only $199.99!


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