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Money Saving Thanksgiving Tips for Miserly Monday

Money Saving

Thanksgiving is just right around the corner and at our house that means we “participate” in at least 4 Thanksgivings!! Here are some of the best money saving tips for Thanksgiving.

1.  Take advantage of “FREE” turkey deals at your local stores.  Our store often has buy a ham get a turkey or vice versa.  You better bet your bottom dollar I stock up on as many of these as I can because turkey is a great thing to have on hand.   If you are lucky enough to work for a company that gives employees a turkey you are even one step ahead!!

2. Ask your guests to bring a dish, but plan ahead so you don’t have duplicates. We always bring a dish to 3 of them of it not only cuts down on costs for them but for us as well!!

3. Cut back the amount of food you cook for your big dinner.  There are always leftovers, so instead of cooking lots of extra’s cut your servings in half. Or cut out a dish or two and no one will ever be any the wiser.

4.  Cook from Scratch!! Stay away from pre-made foods as much as you can.  We make our own noodles, rolls, mashed potatoes, and anything else we can.

5. Set a budget and stick with it!! It really is easy to do once you get the hang of it.

6. Shop sale prices and after Thanksgiving stock up on things you will need for the next year like paper plates, napkins and decorations.  I buy all of these for the next year when they hit 50-75% off!! This way I can “volunteer” to bring it with me to some of the get together’s and it only costs me a few dollars!!

Do you have any Thanksgiving money saving tips you would like to share?

Money saving Mom of 1, who loves to travel, cook, and of course spend time with family. We have a family of 3 including Mr. SMSL and of course Diesel our latest addition to the family. I'm glad you are here with me!

4 Thoughts on “Money Saving Thanksgiving Tips for Miserly Monday”

  • Luckily my family always cooks from scratch, but we do end up with way too much food. We could definitely do to cut back on the amount of food.

  • I always make More than I should, and its a good thing.. Hubby can not get enough of Thanksgiving Dinner.. He would eat it for WEEKS if he could lol.. Cooking from scratch and buying things on sale with coupons is the way we go.. If I dont have a coupon, we dont get it!

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