March Sale Items
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March always comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb.  As a kid my mom told me after your birthday I promise it will start to warm up. Most of the time she was right, but there were a few birthdays I would have loved to be able to have a party outdoors.  Since its the 6th of March that never happened, but that’s ok because we now have a daughter who has one on the 17th and she can sometimes have parties outside.  So the old adage in like a lion, out like a lamb usually holds true.

Now for the question of What’s on sale in March?

Winter wear–Coats, Gloves, Hats, Scarfs, Overalls, Insulated boots  Buy the next size up for your child now at deeply discounted prices so that way next winter you are ready and you paid a fraction of the cost.

Frozen Food Month–Since March is frozen food month, get ready for coupons and sales to stock up on all of those freezer items you eat all year.  I try to stock up on things for a minimum of 6 months supply because by the next time I need an item, it should be back on sale.

Wedding Gifts–Since spring and summer usually brings upcoming weddings, stock up on things now so that you have them on hand.  If I am invited to a wedding I usually just get the couple a gift card to a store I know they can use. That way they get what they want not something they may have to return.

Appliances-Air Conditioners, Washers and Dryers

Fish and Chicken and bagged candy are also on sale.
Luggage is also on sale this month!
Saint Patrick’s Day items are also on sale, stock up for next year after the 18th to maximize your savings!!

March Sale Items

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