Living Frugally Without Going Without
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Living Frugally Without Going Without


Living frugally is a smarter way to live, but many people don’t want their families to have to go without anything. This is a common misconception about living frugally. Frugal living isn’t scrimping and saving every penny and avoiding the luxuries in life. It’s simply being smarter with your money. Here are a few ways you can begin living a more frugal lifestyle:

Check To See If You Can Get A Better Deal Year On Year

When it comes to things like your utility bills, make sure you’re checking once per year before your renewal to see if you could be getting a better deal. Chances are, you could be getting one, and this can really add up.


Avoid Doing Things That Can Mean Make You Lose Money

There are a few things you can do that can mean losing money. For instance, gambling can be fun for some, but others don’t know when to stop and end up trying to win their money back. This is a dangerous thing to do. Another thing that can mean losing money is driving without undue care and attention, for instance – you’ll need to maintain your car sooner, and you might even end up hurting somebody and have to hire Attorney Rowdy G. Williams. Being sensible each day will save money. Ignore impulses that tell you otherwise!

Living Frugally Without Going Without

Make A Shopping List And Stick To It

Going shopping without a shopping list is a rookie mistake. Stick to your list and avoid the aisles you don’t need to go in.

Go For A Smaller Car

Do you really need a big, flashy car? Probably not. You need a car, sure, so go for something smaller. You can still find small, reliable, affordable cars that won’t break the bank. Getting rid of the need to feed your ego with things like flashy cars will go a long way towards helping you to save money.

Look For Used Options First

If you truly need something, look to see if there are used or second hand options available first. You’ll never have to go without, and these items are usually just as good as brand new items!

Eat Out Less

The average person spends around $2000 per year on eating out. It is ridiculously expensive! Figure out how you can eat out less, and have it as an occasional treat.

Live Minimally

Living minimally doesn’t mean going without. How about creating a capsule wardrobe, so that you don’t feel the need to constantly buy new clothes?

Save Energy Around The Home

Work on ways to save energy around the house. Change your light bulbs, and make sure you become vigilant about turning things off when they’re not in use. Even turning the thermostat down a degree can help.


Get into DIY. Paint and decorate your home yourself. If you can make something, do it. Plant your own vegetables. Taking the time to do these things can save you a lot of money!

How will you start living frugally?

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