How to Send Leftovers Home with Guests
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How to Send Leftovers Home with Guests

How to Send Leftovers Home with Guests

Man, is there anything better than leftovers on Thanksgiving? When mom or grandma send food home with you, it’s like a party! If you are hosting a holiday and want to send leftovers home with people, here are some ideas.


What does BYOT mean? It’s short for bring your own Tupperware. If you want leftovers, then you definitely need to bring your own Tupperware. These days, Tupperware isn’t cheap and the host can’t be expected to fork over the cost, even though she loves her guests dearly. Each person can bring their own Tupperware or plastic containers to take home the leftovers. 

Store Bought Food Containers

A few weeks before the holidays start getting busy, it’s always a good idea to start collecting those containers from butter, lunch meat containers, and anything else you can find. Upcycling plastic containers is a great way to send leftovers home with guests. 

Leftover Gift Boxes

If your guests are taking something like pie home, then small leftover gift boxes are awesome. You simply stick the pie in the box and send it home with your guests!

Aluminum Foil

As hillbilly as it might be, aluminum foil is as versatile as it comes. You can simply wrap any solid food in it and send it home with your guests. You can even double wrap it to keep the food secure. Aluminum foil has the power to keep it safe until you can get it home and put in you fridge.

Order Special Boxes

If you want to be fancy, you will find all kinds of cool options for sending leftovers home with your guests. Chinese takeout boxes are a popular options, you can even have custom boxes made with cute sayings, or you can have brown/white bags for people to draw on and then to place their food inside.

When it comes to food, no one plays around. Make sure your guests have options for taking leftovers home. Besides, you don’t want to be stuck with all that food to eat!

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