Improve Your Career: Simple Things You Can Do To Become More Productive At Work
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Improve Your Career: Simple Things You Can Do To Become More Productive At Work 

People often wonder how they can start improving their careers and the answer is simple, become more productive. An employee that constantly improves month after month in production will be noticed by management. This is not going to be an easy venture as you are going to have to work hard but also intelligently. We all know what our shortcomings are in terms of our jobs so be overzealous in trying to turn that weakness into a strength. Small tweaks can make a huge difference so it is possible that your current routine is not too far off of what you should be doing. The following are things that you can to do become more productive at work thus improving your career trajectory. 

Get More Sleep

Getting adequate sleep on a nightly basis can allow your mind to be sharp the following day. Studies have shown that getting enough sleep can help increase a person’s productivity. Try to limit technology use in the hour leading up to when you are going to go to bed. Getting back sleep does not happen so it is important to get yourself into a nightly routine that helps you relax and fall asleep quickly. The ability to start being productive as soon as you enter the office will have you light years ahead of coworkers that didn’t sleep well or have a hangover from a wild office happy hour.

Set A Daily Agenda

Write out your agenda for the day noting what is high priority and what can be left to do on another day. This can help you stay on track with certain projects and allow you to get far more done. Getting to the office without a plan of what you are going to work on is setting yourself up for failure as far as productivity goes. Try to do things that you dread early in the day to get them over with. Doing this can allow you to have a positive attitude as the worst part of your day is already over. 

Social Media Blocking Apps

The amount of time that people waste during the workday on social media is staggering. Whether it is checking an Instagram post or scrolling through Facebook it is essential to eliminate this distraction. There are apps that allow you to block social media for a set amount of time so you can increase productivity. You might find that you get so much done when you are not following the newest trending hashtag on Twitter. 

Check Email Once An Hour

An angry email from a client or manager can completely fluster an individual causing them to lose their train of thought. Checking email once an hour can reduce these instances as a client would call directly if it was a large emergency. Small things like this can add up over the course of a month so track how much more you are getting done by using this tip.

If you do the above things you will be more productive than you have been previously. Take the time to target certain areas to improve your productivity and start today!

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