How to Lower Your fuel consumption
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How to Lower Your Fuel Consumption

How to Lower Your Fuel Consumption


As a driver as well as a three vehicle household we have learned over the years to keep our fuel consumption down as low as we can.  Not to long ago the cost of fuel was crazy high, but it has been steadily declining which is nice.  But just because the cost is down right now doesn’t mean it won’t rise again soon.  Here are some great tips to lower your fuel consumption:

We take our vehicles in for regular tune up services.  Depending on what needs to be done at the dealership depends on the cost for monthly trip, but because of those monthly trips our fuel lasts longer between those visits. So regular service tune ups help your pocketbook and fuel consumption. Keep your ride smooth to improve your mileage which is always nice. We always drive 10 miles under the speed limit and we don’t stop as often for gas.  But when we do have to refuel, we always fill up in the mornings because that is when gasoline is the coolest.  The colder the ground is the denser the gasoline is making it a win, win for you and your pocketbook. 

Take the bus – Don’t drive unless you have to, bike or walk to work once a week, or even try carpooling.  Each time you do any of those you are saving fuel, wear and tear and more on your vehicles.  Don’t forget to check the air in your tires regularly and keep them at the right  pressure. Skip the idling of your vehicle when you are in line at the bank, drive through or anywhere you can.  Each time you turn off your engine you are saving wear and tear as well as your own money. Remember to not start and stop to quickly either, the more you let off the gas the more fuel and money you will save. Using the cruise control will also help you save fuel. 

Travel the most efficient route possible to reach your destination, try to skip heavy traffic and stop lights. For other great tips be sure to check out Dulles Kia too! 

How do you save on fuel consumption?

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