Get Your Picky Eaters Eating Healthily With These Tasty Titbits
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Get Your Picky Eaters Eating Healthily With These Tasty Titbits

Get Your Picky Eaters Eating Healthily With These Tasty Titbits
If your kids are certified picky eaters, then you will already know just how difficult it can be trying to persuade them to follow a healthy diet. Instead of choosing fresh fruit and vegetables, they will be much more likely to reach for the potato chips, chocolate, and French fries! I know lots of parents who end up pulling their hair out at meal times when their kids refuse to eat what is on the plate in front of them.

So, how exactly do you persuade your young picky eaters to try some healthy dishes? Hopefully, these tasty tips will take all the stress out of mealtimes.

Be Persistent

You need to be very patient when it comes to breaking the habits of picky eaters. Persistence is key! You will find that your child could be very stubborn and uncooperative when you introduce a new ingredients in your healthy cooking to them. However, the more they see it, they more willing they might be to try it. So, don’t give up – you will get there eventually!


Set A Good Example


Children learn a lot from their parents; probably a lot more than what we realize! Because of this, you and your partner need to set a very good example. Ideally, you need to eat the exact same meals as your kids at dinnertime, and make sure that you eat it all up as well! That shows your kids that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to trying new ingredients. Plus, it gives you a chance to show just how delicious the meal is!


Respect Their Appetite


There might be times when your kids refuse to eat because they just aren’t hungry. In this case, you shouldn’t try and force them to eat anything as it could reinforce negative associations with food. They will also be a lot more willing to try new foods when they are hungry and ready to eat.


Hide The Veggies


It’s always worth trying to disguise any ingredients that you know your child won’t be happy about eating. This is actually a lot easier to do than what you might think. For example, you can always grate up a couple of carrots and mix them into a bolognese sauce. Your children won’t have a clue they are in there! In fact, as long as you finely chop or grate a vegetable, you should be able to mix it into most meals without it being too visible.


Get Your Kids To Help


It’s always a good idea to get your kids to help out in the kitchen as soon as they are old enough. This teaches them responsibility with chores. But it also shows them all the hard work that goes into making meals. Once they understand how much effort goes into cooking, they will be a lot more willing to eat your meals!


It can take some time to get your picky eaters to eat a wider range of food, but these tips will certainly help you get somewhere with them!

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