How to Get Your Family Through Your Spouse Losing Their Job  
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How to Get Your Family Through Your Spouse Losing Their Job How to Get Your Family Through Your Spouse Losing Their Job  

Life challenges by their very nature pull the rug out from under us, especially when we have a growing family. They can throw our families off balance, and in many cases, derail our financial stability. Nothing tests a family like the sudden loss of a job, whether it’s caused by getting laid off or suffering from a work injury or occupational sickness. In those moments, you really have to be strong, and pull together with your spouse to get through it. But the good news you can get through it, and a lot of couples come out of it stronger. What makes this time so challenging is feeling like there’s no roadmap to this hard time. The thing is, you don’t have to know what every single step ahead of you is, but here are some tips to make weathering this storm a lot easier. 


The Road Ahead 

First thing’s first, you and your partner need to map some sort of plan to see what you can do to cut costs and be able to afford your key expenses. This is when you’d think about how much savings you have, and calculate how far they can take you. Can you start working or increase hours at your current job, or make money at home? If your partner got a severance package when they got laid off, how much is it? If child care is a concern is there someone who can help out? These are questions you and your spouse need to answer to get a clearer picture of what you need to do. 

What Are Your Options?

In the case of a layoff, is your partner able to get a temporary job to cover costs? If it’s in a case of a work-related injury or accident, is there workers’ compensation? If you’re not sure, check out Schwartzapfel Lawyers for more details. The firm says, “we only handle injury and death claims, so we are able to invest all of our resources, skill, experience and expertise into getting you the money and benefits you deserve.” To see if you can make a claim and what the process would be like, get in touch with them. Is there a way for you to downsize your lifestyle, like moving to a smaller place or cutting down on things like cable? These are some options to consider to make things easier for your family. 

Take Time for Your Own Feelings 

When our families are in crisis mode, we throw all we have into making sure the kids are okay and making sure our spouse is faring well with this difficult time. But the problem is, we can easily throw ourselves on the backburner, and then inevitably break down afterwards. It’s so important to also prioritize yourself. Don’t think that it’s selfish to also practice self-care, it makes you a better wife and mother. So have silent time, cry it out, meditate and talk to friends. Also talk to your partner, don’t shut each other out. You have each other to lean on and that will make getting through the rough time a lot easier. 

Prioritize Happy Family Time 

You won’t always feel up to it, but you should definitely have some quality time as partners and as a family so that your focus isn’t just on the crisis. Being with your family will give you comfort and take your mind off things. You and your partner also need to put time aside for each other, and you don’t have to go out to have a quality date night. There are so many fun activities you can do at home that don’t require money at all. 


When we’re grappling with a struggle, it’s hard to think what the next few months will be like, and it’s so hard to be grateful about anything. But this is where gratitude practice is most necessary. Every single day, take time to list what you’re grateful for. Some days it will be small things like sunshine, but that still counts for something. Getting into the habit of listing what you’re grateful for makes you more optimistic, and this will run off on your family too. 

Going through difficult times as a family is something we all deal with, and it’s nothing to feel ashamed of. Life isn’t perfect and we will have ups and downs. The most powerful thing you can do is come together and work as a team. It’s natural for hard times to push you apart, but you have to be intentional about making sure you fight to work through it together. It might be hard to see what the future holds so try to take it day by day. 

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