Furminator Review
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Furminator Review

Furminator Review

If you have an indoor pet such as a cat or dog you know how much fur they loose.  Especially if your pet has longer hair you know just how much hair they loose all over everything they seem to come into contact with.  But I have found a great product that is a must have for indoor pet lovers.  The Furminator product is a must have for any indoor pet owner because it help prevent hairballs while reducing shedding up to 90%.


We put the Furminator to the test on Levi who is  a blue heeler cross with long hair.  He sheds everywhere even after getting combed so we knew he would be the perfect one to try it on.  The Furminator  was easy to use right out of the container and the kids loved being able to brush him.  We as parents loved the fact that the easy release button allowed us to throw away the collected hair without getting it all over the house in the process.

The sleek ergonomic handle makes it very easy to grip and use in any dog.  We also used it on River who is a weimeraner dog but didn’t have much hair at all because they don’t shed. It helps reduce shedding by up to 90 percent which is a huge help for any indoor pet owner. This awesome product allows for  you to enjoy having inside pets without the extra  hair all over your house.

Used at home a few minutes twice a week on dogs or cats keeps shedding under control, and relieves pet owners of the mess of loose fur and hairball worries without the use of medications or gels. When preparing the house for guests, it’s important that your dog or cat’s coat is healthy—and that your couch isn’t covered in fur or hair!

For only $72.99 you can purchase a  Furminator online and save lots of money this upcoming year! Because you will be doing your grooming at home your savings will sky rocket and it will pay for itself in no time flat! Pick up a Furminator for your pets Christmas stocking soon!

Check out the Furminator on their website, Facebook, and Twitter too!

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