Frugal Travel Tips For Those With Big Ideas And Small Wallets
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Frugal Travel Tips For Those With Big Ideas And Small Wallets

The problem with travel is that is very easy to want a lot more than you can afford. Especially, if you are working on a small budget, to begin with. Luckily, if you are clever about it, there are some ways that you can see the world, without winning the lotto to pay for it. Read on to find out what they are.

The legroom dilemma

Can you believe that most airlines charge you for extra leg room? Something that the taller of us can find endlessly annoying! Of course, if you don’t invest in the more spacious seats then you get to spend the entire journey crushed up in a little ball, as well as it increasing your risk of things like DVT! That is unless you get savvy about the type of plane you will travel on!

Frugal Travel Tips For Those With Big Ideas And Small Wallets

The reason for this is that planes like the Airbus a310 300 are built with a stretched fuselage. That means more leg room for everyone, not just those that pay the premium. That is why next time you book your flight check on the make and model of the plan you will be traveling on to save yourself extra leg room fees.

More time for less money

Did you know that many package breaks cost only a little more for 2 weeks than they do for 1? This is often because the flight makes up a large part of the fee, but you are still only traveling the same number of times!

That is why it is always worth checking you break before you book it to see if you could get longer for a tiny price hike. After all, the cost per day can work out much better this way too and make your break fanatic value.


Those that have a particular location that they want to visit in mind, but are struggling to afford the trip can benefit by ditching hotel accommodation and going self-catering instead. Actually, self-catering is often the cheapest all accommodations to book, and you are entirely in charge of your own food budget once you get there too.

That means you can decide to splash out a couple of times and go for a meal in a restaurant while keeping your food budget low by cooking in your apartment for the rest of the break. Something that can really help you get to visit the places in the world that you want without having to save up for years before you go.

Group together

A villa can be a frugal option if you share with enough people.

Last, of all, it’s always worth checking out how much it will be to share a house or villa with a group of people. This is because while it can seem expensive as a total figure if you split it between 5 people or more it can make it incredibly affordable.

Of course, you’ll want to have some say over who you share with, so it’s better to always go with friend or family that you know well. Otherwise, the saving you make could be written off by the hassle you go through once you get there!


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