Top 10 Frugal Living Tips
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Top 10 Frugal Living Tips

Frugal Living Tips

Since losing my job back in 2011, we as a family have become even more frugal. For some reason I didn’t think it was possible, but it is. Although being more frugal hasn’t been easy, it has definitely been very rewarding. Check out these top 10 frugal living tips, from my home to yours.

#1. Using coupons- This is a no-brainer for most people trying to save money. Even if I just saved 50 cents, it was a savings and I started to see that those savings truly do add up. Even if you use 1 or 2 coupons a week you are still savings which is the important part. 

#2. Making homemade laundry soap- We wash anything and everything with our homemade laundry soap. It’s awesome! Everything from bedding to greasy clothes gets washed. Use Dawn Dish soap to pre-treat those greasy grimy ones for an even better clean! 

#3. No stopping at gas stations- We have saved a ton of money by bringing drinks from home when we’re traveling, instead of stopping at gas stations. They really nickel and dime you at those places. Or we just drink water, which saves us a ton of money. 

#4. Water filtration system- Another way we are frugal is buy using a water filtration system instead of bottled water. As awesome as bottled water is, it can really add up and a reusable water bottle is the perfect solution. 

#5. Going less places- As simple as it may sound, we save a ton of money by going less places. It seems as though when we’re out and about, we spend more money!  So we do all our errands on one day of the week to maximize our savings. 

#6. Use cash more often– I noticed that when I use my debit card, I spend way more money. That’s’ why I’ve resolved to using cash more often. It hurts a little more when I use cash, so we have a cash system in place. 

#7. Plan better- Ah yes, the good old “planning” tactic. Maybe if we learn to plan our purchases, we’ll be better off in the long run financially.

#8. Eat at home- My family has a bad habit of eating out, ugh, eating at home can save SO MUCH money! And when you eat out less often you are actually rewarded by your one dining out experience a month. 

#9. Think before you buy- It’s amazing how impulsive we are when it comes to buying things. Sit down and think about whether or not you actually need what you’re about to purchase.

#10. Buy the store brand- I love when I’m in a store and the store brand is still cheaper than the “brand” that’s on sale. Buying the store brand saves us so much each week.

Set one goal for yourself to implement and then once it is implemented you can add another to your list. What is your best tip for being frugal?


Frugal Living Tips


Money saving Mom of 1, who loves to travel, cook, and of course spend time with family. We have a family of 3 including Mr. SMSL and of course Diesel our latest addition to the family. I'm glad you are here with me!

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