Frugal Living How Your Family Can Save Money On Dental Costs
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Frugal Living: How Your Family Can Save Money On Dental Costs

Going to see your dentist is absolutely essential. Every member of your family will have regular checkups at least twice a year, sometimes even three. This doesn’t account for all the additional treatment you may need to undergo either. Your kids may need baby teeth pulled out, you might need fillings or a root canal, someone in your family could be referred to an orthodontist for braces; there are loads of additional costs you can incur.

Thankfully, I have some handy frugal living advice that will help you save money on dental costs every year:

Frugal Living How Your Family Can Save Money On Dental Costs

Look For Interest-Free Finance Options

Normally, a regular checkup won’t cost a lot of money, and a filling isn’t too expensive either. But, the more advanced and serious your dental treatment is, the more expensive it becomes. Especially if one of your kids has been sent to a private orthodontist for braces, which can cost thousands of dollars. The key to keeping costs as low as possible, and easing the pressure on your finances, is to find interest free finance options. A lot of private practices let you pay in instalments without charging interest. You can save money by not paying interest while spacing the costs out, so it’s easier for you.

Get Dental Health Insurance

Having dental health insurance may seem like an extra family expense, but it can save you an absolute fortune. A lot of the treatments I’ve already mentioned are covered under basic dental plans. Checkups and fillings should be covered by most, and the more you pay, the more treatments you can add to your coverage too. But, even if you don’t pay for a plan with full coverage you can get basic ones that offer discounts on procedures as well. Either way, you’ll save money if you pay for insurance and find dentists that accept your insurance provider.


Take Better Care Of Your Teeth!

The final tip is the best tip I can give any family; take care of your teeth! The more care you give to your dental health, the cheaper it will be for you. No one will need any costly procedures, and you’ll only end up paying for checkups throughout the year. Granted, there are orthodontic issues like misaligned teeth that you can’t really prevent. But, for everything else – such as cavities, gum problems, etc. – you can easily avoid them. Make sure your whole family brushes their teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Also, cut down on sweets and sugar as this is what causes tooth decay. Try and encourage your family to start flossing a few times per week as well, to keep their gums healthy.


At the end of the day, there are some dental costs you can’t avoid paying. However, you can make them less expensive for your family. Then, you have all the dental problems that are highly avoidable if you just take better care of your oral health! Try any or all of these tips, and you’ll be stunned at how much money your family saves every year on dental costs.

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