Frugal Fall Activities in Missouri
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Frugal Fall Activities

Frugal Fall Activities

Are you looking for frugal fall activities to do with the family this year? You’re in luck because fall offers the best activities for the least amount of money. Put your wallet away because these activities are frugal but tons of fun.

Pumpkin Carving

You can typically find pumpkins a lot cheaper on small family farms. Purchase them for as cheap as possible and then spend time carving them. Pumpkin carving takes a while, so prepare to spend a couple of hours on this activity. We always head out to our local Amish community to pick ours up at a fraction of the cost. 

Nature Walk

Walking is always free! You can have an awesome frugal fall evening by going on a nice nature walk with the family. Look up local parks and see what kind of trails they offer. You can even do a fall nature walk right in your own backyard or neighborhood.

Raking Leaves

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can always rake leaves for fun. Look at it as fun and not a chore and get the kids involved. You’ll never have more frugal fall fun than raking a big pile of leaves and then jumping in them.

Fall Crafts

Spend some time at home making fall crafts. You can do simple things like decorate leaves or color fall coloring pages. Think outside of the box and have fun spending time indoors doing crafts together, you won’t regret it. 

Read Fall Themed Books

If you’re looking for a way to stay indoors and spend time together this fall, then read fall themed books. It’s always fun to spend time reading and enjoying family time together, especially when it’s chilly outside. Head to your local library to pick up several of these themed books. 

Visit an Apple Orchard

If you’re lucky enough to have an apple orchard near you, then visit when you get the chance. You don’t have to actually buy any apples, it is fun just to visit the orchard and experience it. But we always pick our own apples when we visit then we have a fresh homemade apple pie, fried apples or an apple salad that we made together. 

Poosey Park Drive Through

Poosey Drive Through

If you are local in Missouri driving through the Poosey Annual Drive Through on the third weekend of October is the thing to do. Each year we take a hayride through the state park and check out the Panther’s Den while we are there. The Fall colors are simply amazing and spending time with family is always precious. 

What are some frugal fall activities you do with your family?

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