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Free Printable Valentines


You Hold A Reese of My Heart

Free Printable Valentines! We all know that I love free, chocolate and of course kids so this year I decided to bring you these adorable “Reese of my Heart” printables.  Reeses is my all time favorite chocolate/peanut butter candy so these are the perfect addition to all of my Valentine’s Freebies that I have available for you to print.  All you have to do is download the You Hold A Reese of My Heart *PDF File for crisp and clean printing.  Print them out, and head to your local store to pick up the chocolate candy hearts, bags and get busy crafting. We made them in an assembly line fashion to make them go quicker, but the kids could easily do it all by themselves if you would like. 

There are just two to a sheet which will allow the fold over effect for the little baggies. As you can tell in the picture below we used sealable top bags that had close *snack size or sandwich size is fine.  Then, we stapled the printable on the sides directly to the bag. The kids can write on the back to and from or even on the front if they prefer.  It won’t matter where they write it because if they are anything like me the candy will be one of the first things to go on Valentine’s Day. 

Free Printable Valentines


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Don’t forget to make your own Valentine’s Day Treat Bucket too!  

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!! Happy printing and don’t forget to share these printables with your friends! 

You Hold A Reese of my Heart

Reeses® is not a sponsor of this post. 

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