Five Foodie-Worthy Locations Along The Missouri
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Five Foodie-Worthy Locations Along The Missouri

Gourmet central

If you love a high-class restaurant and a fine dining experience, then St. Louis is most definitely the stop for you. It has a high reputation amongst food critics precisely because of high-quality stops like Five Bistro. Characterized by a mix of Italian and traditional midwestern state foods, as well as plenty of relaxing beer gardens, St. Louis has a wide range of options to cater to just about any taste.


The must-have

Perhaps you want to find the state’s signature taste, rather than just a dining experience. It’s hard to boil down just one to fit the bill, but if there’s anything that Missouri is famous for, it’s fine BBQ. It’s so well known for it, in fact, that the Tour de BBQ along the Interstate 70 is now a well-loved road amongst meat-eaters full of diners that each brings their own character to BBQ, with Kansas, Columbia, and St. Louis being the three primary stops.

Be a square

As mentioned, there’s quite a history of Italian foods in Missouri, in large part due to the presence of a large Italian diaspora. But that’s not to the say the state hasn’t developed its own takes on many of these traditional meals. One definitely worth trying for those with a love for the taste of cheese, tomato, and bread is the St. Louis-style pizza. With a thin, almost cracker-style crust, Provel cheese topping, and a distinct square cut, it’s a slice you’re not likely to experience anywhere else.

A taste of finer things

Perhaps you want to stop for a drink, instead? Missouri is the 18th highest state when it comes to wine production. Here, the heart of the vine is to be found at Stone Hill and the other wineries in Hermann. With a wide series of award-winning vintages amongst tours of a listed historic property, it certainly makes for one of the more characterful and romantic places to have a drop of the good stuff.

A view to dine by

Anyone who has visited before can attest to the fact that the land all along the Missouri is full of gorgeous natural beauty. But we shouldn’t forget its tributaries either, in particular, the popular Osage River and Lake of the Ozarks. There are a lot of places to eat on the coastline, but perhaps the best is JB Hooks, where there’s always plenty of seasonal freshwater food to offer the most flavorful meals.

Every State has its own characteristic and traditional tastes, based both on the cultures and the locally available food. You can get to know a place and its people by its food, so it’s worth taking a look at what taste experiences are available even if you’re not necessarily a huge foodie.

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