Easy DIY Pumpkin Craft
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Easy DIY Pumpkin Craft


Easy DIY Pumpkin Craft
This Easy DIY Pumpkin Craft is perfect for all levels of crafters and they are all easy to make.  The possibilities with this adorable craft are endless and as long as you have fall like fabrics making them can be done in under 10 minutes! Once we had all of the materials cut and ready to go it took us under two minutes to do two to show you just how easy this craft really is.  I love the Fall season and making things that will work for Halloween as well as Thanksgiving is the perfect solution for decorating at the SMSL household.  

My mom Linda has made these for several years, but this year I wanted to be sure and tell you all how you can make your own DIY Pumpkin Craft in just a few minutes.  I’m a picture girl, as well as a video girl, so when it was time to make these adorable pumpkins I knew I had to do it both ways for you all! 

 Easy DIY Pumpkin Craft1

Here are the products you need: 

Toilet Paper (any brand)

Brown material cut into a 10 x 12 inch square

Fat Quarter (or any Fall material cut to 18 x 21 inches) 


Green Felt for leaves

Pipe Cleaner for vines



Easy DIY Pumpkin Craft

Set your Toilet Paper to the side and then invert your material as seen here so it makes for easier pumpkin making. We started out by making the stem, so it was on top.  

Easy DIY Pumpkin Craft

Use the brown material cut into a 10 x 12 inch square to make the stem as you see in the pictures above and video. 

Easy DIY Pumpkin Craft

Fat Quarter (or any Fall material cut to 18 x 21 inches) Now take your material and “tuck” it into the center roll of the toilet paper.  Making a roundish shaped pumpkin with creases of course because most pumpkins have lines. 

 Easy DIY Pumpkin Craft

Here is where your pencil and pipe cleaner comes into play so you can make your pumpkins have some vines. Just wrap the pipe cleaner around the pencil to make the sqiggles as we like to call them.  Then set them over to side while you make your leaf. My mom was able to free hand hers to cut it out, but I didn’t get that gene from her, so that is where I would pull out my Silhouette Machine and let it do the work. 

Easy DIY Pumpkin Craft


All in all we had a great time making these pumpkins and our houses are all ready for Fall to come now.  Be sure you share a picture of your finished project with me because I want to see how creative you were making yours! Happy Fall Ya’ll!! 

Easy DIY Pumpkin Craft


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