Office Cleaning Tips
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Do’s and Don’t Of Office Cleaning

Maintaining a tidy workplace is vital forboth the worker and the customers. While many of the workers spend more than 40 hours in their office in a week, they take it difficult to work in a filthy environment. An office environment full of papers, unclean computers as well as improvised documents and files looks somehow chaotic. 

Filthy office lowers the production of office returns by outstaying the potential clients. However, a tidy office area shows the level of professionalism that your business has. Clients wants a clean roomin order to trust and have a deal with you. Tidy environment also creates a nice atmosphere and conducive one to work in by eliminating foul smell. Let’s get into nitty gritty of do’s and don’ts procedurerecommended by Cleanzen office cleaning.

Office Cleaning Tips


DO: Open up a new folder to save and file all necessary papers for your easy retrieval in future. The first task in the morning is to check all papers available at your desk and dispose the unnecessary ones to the dustbin.

DON’T: Leaving tidy papers on the desk and disposing them carelessly.

Electronic system

DO: Always wipe your computers and printers with a micro fiber towel twice a week. If more dust accumulates on the surface, they might stop working. Office telephones should be wiped with an antibacterial cloth to eliminate any germs. While wiping the screens, use a soft cloth to avoid scratching it.

DON’T: Avoid eating around the computers as you may spit liquids and cause damage. Do not use a totally dry cloth to wipe the screens of your computer but use a damp one to avoid scratching.


DO: Take a moment and break for your meal somewhere else away from your desk. This ensures your desk is tidy and extend your muscles.

DON’T: Do not take your meals around your desk as this may untidy your desk or else stain your computer permanently.

Your stuff

DO: Have some shelves to put all your necessary materials. Make sure you label them for easy retrieval when needed. Keep them in an organized way so that you can easily find them this ensures you remain fruitful in your work.

DON’T: Unused files and papers should be kept in an orderly manner. Avoid throwing and scattering papers all over your desk. This can make your office look messy and untidy.


DO: Let your office cleaner have an easy work in your office. Ensure that before you get out of the toilet, you flush it with lots of water and wash your hands thoroughly with clean water and soap. Sometimes, get an appointment with office cleaning services in Sydney to do a professional thorough cleaning to make them hygiene for longer time.

DON’T: Flush your waste only and avoid flushing items like plastics or items that might cause the toilet to block.


DO: You may want to organize your drawer. Color makers are the best but if you are not fun of this, you may arrange in a functional manner where you put the most used items on top. You may as well logistically arrange similar items together like pencils rubber and so on.

These basics of do’s and don’ts will ensure that your office remains at the top notch when it comes to productivity.

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