How to Clean 5 of the Trickiest Spots In Your House
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How to Clean 5 of the Trickiest Spots In Your House

 Cleaning a house may seem a self- explanatory procedure, but when you think keenly about the task involved, you will realize that it is not a simple thing. If you cannot handle the trickiest spots by yourself when cleaning your house, it is ideal you consider hiring any reliable cleaning pro like Simplymaid service area to help you out. 

Performing experimentation is a trick which will enable you locate a legit cleaner in your area, who will not only assure you with inexpensive quotes but very appealing and/ or satisfactory services as well. Here are the tips to Clean 5 of the Trickiest Spots in Your House:

How to Clean 5 of the Trickiest Spots In Your House

#1: Remote

You may not believe it but be informed that the remote is one item that carries more germs than any other household product. According to studies, approximately 25 percent of remotes which were tested were found to carry cold virus. It is recommended you make sure you use compressed air once a week to spray carefully between the buttons of the remote if you realize there are crumbs which are lodged in there.

#2: Ceiling Fan

When cleaning the ceiling fan, it is ideal you tape down its switch so as to avoid turning it on when you are cleaning it. Fill any spray bottle with 3 tablespoons of white vinegar mixed with water and spritz carefully into your old pillowcase.

Slide over your pillowcase carefully over the blades, ensuring that you gently rub them so as to get rid of all the dust present.

#3: Mattress

Pour baking soda carefully into a sieve and use it to evenly dust your mattress. This will gradually remove moisture and dirt out of it and also eliminate odors. You should also make sure you clean your mattress cover separately. This will involve soaking it in cold water mixed with any effective stain remover.

#4: Computer Mouse

The computer mouse is another place that can be a hot- spot for germs. It is important that you clean it at least twice every month. Cleaning it will require you to first unplug the mouse from the computer. Spray compressed air carefully on the underside of the mouse so as to clear dust from the crevices and trackball.

You should also make sure that you clean the mouse pad using any reliable household disinfectant wipe. However, you must ensure that the trackball does not get wet when handling this cleaning process.

5: Garbage Disposal

Pour about three tablespoons of Borax carefully into the chamber. Enable it to rest there for approximately 30 minutes and then flush properly with hot water. There are cases whereby you might find buildup of grease in your sink. To get rid of grease, it is ideal you use a stick and/ or bone to remove the grease. This will involve scratching and collecting the grease from where it is settled.

Bottom Line

These tricks on how to clean the trickiest spots in a house will only be effective if utilized properly. Put them to test if you want to experience the pros associated with them.

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