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Christmas Time at the Dixie Stampede

Christmas Time at the Dixie Stampede

Christmas Time at the Dixie Stampede amazing, fantastic, breath taking and just all around wonderful.  We arrived in plenty of time to purchase our tickets after we reserved them of course! While purchasing the tickets we also purchased the cute little boots so we could enjoy the pre-show in style.  Once inside they took our picture as a family as well as of our daughter by herself and we continued to the Carriage Room for the pre-show.

We were one of the first in through the door and picked a seat up next to the stage.  The pre-show was a juggler who will remain nameless because I missed his name both times it was said.  But his act was 50 minutes prior to the main show.  He was very entertaining and was a definite crowd pleaser.  He even included 5 different children from the audience (one was a part of our party) and another man.  He was even able to juggle up to 11 things at one time and stood on a ladder doing several.  It was probably the most impressive juggler I have ever seen.

Christmas Time

After enjoying the Carriage Room show we continued to the Dixie Stampede Arena and prepared to watch the show.  We found our seats easily and sat down on the North Side.  Our waiter quickly made his appearance and gave us a quick rundown of how things would work.  While we waited for everyone to file in we visited among ourselves and took in the sights and sounds.  The 8 year old boy in our party was entertained at everything around and the show hadn’t even started yet.

Christmas Time at the Dixie Stampede

It wasn’t long and the lights were dimmed and the MC came out and welcomed us to the show.  The scenes were all perfectly orchestrated to be entertaining as well as a glimpse into the story of Christmas.  It doesn’t  tell the commercial side of Christmas but it tells the real meaning of Christmas which makes it that much better.  There were so many great scenes, story lines and so much more.  Christmas Time at the Dixie Stampede is the best dinner show and entertainment you can get while in Branson.  I would go again in a heartbeat if I lived closer.

Christmas Time at the Dixie Stampede is a must do if you are going to be in the Branson, MO area.  I’ve wanted to go for several years and now I can finally say I was there and it was fantastic.  The above pictures show you just a glimpse into the show and it will be a memorable as well as Fabulous time I guarantee it!!


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