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Beautiful Button Trees


Do you love the whimsical look of buttons? If so, you will want to give this beautiful button tree ornament a try. You can make your own beautiful button tree ornament with just a few supplies, and in just a matter of minutes. Growing up my mom had a button box that was full of all kinds of buttons that she would let us look through.  Once and awhile we got really lucky and could make a craft out of them, but for the most part they were reserved as Mom’s button collection.

This Beautiful Button Tree ornament is great for kids or all ages. You could even make this with a group of kids which would be fun and unique if you had a button box for them to dig through to find their own perfect buttons.  

Here is how you can get started crafting your own!

Supplies needed:
Assorted green buttons ($1 at Michael’s craft store)
White pipe cleaner
Yellow button for star
Hot glue, glue gun

1. Begin by threading the green buttons onto the pipe cleaner. String them on by size going from the smallest to the largest. As you stack the buttons, you want them to take on the tapered tree shape.
2. Once your tree is the size of your choice, you can cut off any extra pipe cleaner. Tie or bend the bottom to keep the buttons in place. Do the same at the opposite end.
3. Add a generous dab of glue to the back of your yellow button and attach it to the top of the tree. Just glue and press until secure.
4. Take an additional length of pipe cleaner and tie or glue it onto the top of the tree.


Your beautiful button tree ornament is now ready to be hung on your own tree. Hang it up or you can even give these as a gift. Either way, they are sure to bring some cheer to your holiday season. 

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