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Baby Shower Ideas: Themes and Tips

Baby Shower Ideas: Themes and Tips
Baby showers create memories and provide much-needed baby items. It’s a fun time where other moms can share their wisdom and experience as well. If you are throwing a baby shower, you want it to be a memorable occasion.

Here are some baby shower ideas and tips for themes, decorations, and so forth.

You don’t have to choose a theme, but it can make choosing the menu, decorations, and games a bit easier. Here are some theme ideas if you want to go that route.

1. Eco-friendly baby shower

Going green (instead of pink or blue!) is trendy these days. This is the perfect theme for a mom-to-be who doesn’t know (or hasn’t shared) the gender of her baby. You can ask guests to bring green or yellow items, and you can decorate accordingly. No paper invitations for this one!

2. Spring showers

Since it’s a baby shower, why not run with that theme? Decorate with umbrellas, raindrop shapes, and clouds. This is especially good for a springtime shower.

3. Bugs

Bees and ladybugs are especially cute themes for a baby shower. Guests can give bedroom items like sheets and pillows in this theme, too. Flowers can be used in decorating, along with bumble bee and ladybug cut-outs.

4. Teapots and teacups

This is another great theme with lots of food and decorating ideas. You can also give tea-related items as favors, which are easy to put together and fun to receive.

Here are some tips for a great baby shower.

1. Spoil the mom

As many moms know, once the baby gets here, Mom isn’t going to have much time for self-care. Take the opportunity at the shower to give her a massage. Continue with the beauty and spa theme by setting up an area where Mom and guests can get their nails done, and by having individual areas set up for makeovers and/or facials.

2. Keep games fun and tasteful

Don’t get stuck in the usual baby shower games rut. Try something different, like having guests bring in a baby picture and letting everyone guess whose picture is whose. Have prizes for the winners and make sure that you don’t push Mom into doing anything she’s uncomfortable with.

3. Give guests time

Etiquette says that invitations should go out at least three weeks before the shower. This gives people time to get a gift and to arrange their schedules accordingly.
Hosting a baby shower is a lot of work; these ideas are just the beginning! But hosting a baby shower can also be a lot of fun.

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