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Baby SebaMed Review and Giveaway

Baby SebaMed Review and Giveaway

Baby SebaMed Review and Giveaway!! Having your first baby is expensive and I wanted to help my sister-in-law Sara out when I found out she was having a baby.  One of the first products that all moms need is a collection of baby bath products for babies delicate skin.  I love that  Baby Sebamed is a the leading dermatologist-developed skin care brand that is readily available at Duane Reade, Walgreens and SebamedUSA.com!

Having   healthy, gentle and effective baby products are often hard to find and  I am glad I found these awesome products. Sebamed focuses on gentle yet clinically proven products all balanced at pH 5.5, the ideal pH of healthy skin. Made specifically for sensitive, delicate and problematic skin (including those who suffer from baby acne, eczema and Rosacea), Sebamed formulas are hypoallergenic and tear, soap, gluten and alkali free. They are tested and approved by moms and dermatologists, and can be used on newborn to school-aged kids.

I was a little skeptical about the smell but it is an amazing smell that just reminds me of a baby! Even Sara liked the fresh smell as opposed to other national brands so Baby SebaMed is the soap for us! We will have to wait until September to use the products on the new baby, but the ones I’ve used smell amazing and make your skin silky smooth!

Baby Sebamed Children’s Shampoo ($12.99 From birth to school years, this gentle cleansing shampoo leaves little ones’ hair naturally fragrant, silky and easy to comb. It promotes a healthy scalp to ensure the even, strong growth of healthy hair and uses calming herbal extracts from fennel, yarrow, melissa, mistletoe and chamomile to alleviate irritation and soothe skin.

Baby Sebamed Baby Cream $12.99  For intensive protection of baby’s delicate skin, this rich emulsion with 42% lipids forms a moisturizing protective barrier on skin, without interfering with skin’s ability to breathe. Natural allatonin keeps skin from drying out, and the herbal extract chamomile soothes irritated skin, particularly in unusual areas of contact chafing (elbow, knees, etc.). This cream prevents and treats nappy rash dermatitis and stimulates skin’s healing. It also uses Vitamin E to safeguard against environmental toxins and protects baby’s face and hands during cold weather.

Baby Sebamed Baby Wash $12.99  Unlike traditional soap, which has a pH of 9 and dries out baby’s skin, this cleansing wash’s ultra mild emollient formula supports the moisture balance of baby’s skin at the perfect pH 5.5. Gentle enough to use every day, this moisturizing cleanser softens and soothes with allatonin and squalene to keep even the most sensitive baby skin at its huggable, healthy best.

Baby Cleansing Bar  $5.99 Baby Sebamed pH 5.5 – Ideal for healthy skin, Quality through research
Sebamed is the #1 Hypoallergenic  German brand skin care, dermatologically tested and recommended in its category.

* 100% soap and alkali-free
* Ultra mild cleanser
* No tear, non-irritating formula
* With allantoin and squalane
* dye-free, paraben-free
* nearly 100% biodegradable
* cruelty free
* Same pH as healthy skin – 5.5

Be sure to like Sebamed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! Enter for your chance to win on the rafflecopter below! Good luck!!

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The products in this post were given to me in exchange for my review/opinion by SebaMed.   Even though these products were provided to me at no cost, I only personally recommend products that I think will be good for myself and readers. Thanks to  SebaMed for allowing me to review this great products.


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