The Art of Balancing Parenting with Studying
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The Art of Balancing Parenting with Studying

Anyone who is a parent will know only too well that it is a full-time job. And the moment that you start trying to add anything else onto your busy agenda such as studying a course, you are at risk of overbalancing.

The internet has made busy people’s (parents’) lives so much easier as they have more options to study while keeping up their other commitments as well. And there are plenty of different course options out there including online nurse midwifery. So, here are a few tips about how you can better balance parenting with studying.

The Art of Balancing Parenting with Studying

Work Out Your Study Schedule

Everything will be made so much easier if you have a clear study schedule at the start of every week. Obviously, this is going to have to build in some flexibility as no two days are the same for a parent, but if you have a broad idea of when you can study, this will help you out to start off with. You can then make practical arrangements such as arranging a babysitter and negotiating with your partner over your parental commitments.

Set Up a Study Area

The ideal home study area is somewhere that you can close the door, so it can be made clear when you are in parent mode and when you are in study mode. But if you only have the corner of a room to spare, you should sit your family down to make them aware just how important it is that you have some peace and quiet when you are trying to learn. Complete the area with all the study tools that you need, as well as some motivational posters, pictures etc to keep your spirits up.


Don’t Forget About Your Wellbeing

If you are feeling tired and rundown all the time, you are never going to be able to take on your parental or studying commitments with the level of energy and enthusiasm that they deserve. Even if you can only afford an hour or two to read a book, catch up on your favourite TV show or simply sit back and do nothing, this can prove to be a very refreshing time which will help you out in the balancing act which you have taken on.
Get Support

You have chosen to take on a very challenging task which you will seriously struggle with all by yourself. If you have close family and friends around you, the task is made so much easier. Perhaps you have older children who can take on a greater share of the household chores or some friends which you can call in for babysitting duties from time to time. Develop a closer relationship with your course tutors so that they understand what you are doing, and may even cut you some slack on assignment deadlines etc.

Balancing studying and parenting is an art form, and these are a few of the ways that you can become a master at it!  


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