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About Me

About Me

Email Heidi at smslwithheidi@gmail.com 

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How Save More Spend Less was Born

Save More Spend Less was born when I went from teaching full time to the unemployment line when my position was eliminated do to budget cuts.  I turned to coupons as a way to provide for my family and try to pay it forward whenever I can. This beginning was a blessing in disguise and now it has taken me to all new places. 

I started saving money by using coupons, shopping more frugally and sharing my bargains with my friends.  After thousands of massive text messages spreading the good news someone suggested I start a Facebook page so that I could share the bargains faster.  I reluctantly agreed and Save More Spend Less with Heidi was born. At first, my page was family and friends with just local bargains I had found or someone else found that someone else needed.  But then someone suggested I start a blog because I was doing the work, I might as well make money.

So I started my first blog and have grown in leaps and bounds over the last three years.  It hasn’t always been easy, but no matter what I’ve kept on going.  It wasn’t until my trip to Think Tank in Denver, Colorado that I realized that I am essentially in business for myself and this is the next chapter in my life.  Is it always easy? No, but if it is one thing I have learned the rocky roads of life make you who you are.  So a special thank you to my new friend Aprile who pointed out the obvious to me and made me realize that I am an inspiration to someone because I simply didn’t quit. Since then, I’ve grown to love my new job as a blogger, social media consultant and the many hats that go with it.  


My family consists of our only daughter Elizabeth that is now a newlywed and we are empty nesters.   Diesel, who is a Red Heeler is our furbaby who enjoys eating while laying down.  We are just the average family working, going to school and enjoying country living.   I am a stay at home mom, blogger/writer and a virtual assistant for a few great bosses.

Blog Description

Blog Description for Save More Spend Less with Heidi is an eclectic place where you can find movies, recipes, product features, giveaways, travel, shopping and more! I strive to do my best to save money where I can and splurge on things I want. 

So here is my motto:

Save where you can so you can splurge on the things you want.  

Contact me:

Heidi Gray 


Located in Northern Missouri 






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