7 Lessons Taught Building a Gingerbread House
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7 Lessons Taught Building a Gingerbread House

7 Lessons Taught Building a Gingerbread House


7 Lessons Taught Building a Gingerbread House
The holidays are the perfect time to build a gingerbread house. They are so tasty, whimsical, and the perfect way to spend some time together as a family. But did you know that building a gingerbread house can also be an educational opportunity too? Take a look below at 7 lessons taught building a gingerbread house that you can try with your family!

1. Measurement.
When building a gingerbread house, you need to use measurement to measure out the ingredients. This is a great time to use measuring cups, spoons, and even temperature measurement on the oven. Let children measure ingredients themselves so they can get hands on practice.

2. Planning.
Have children plan out their house prior to building it. How should the sides be assembled? What candy patterns do they want to use? How is the frosting best put to use? Have them jot down their ideas and even create a sketch. This can help them get practice with planning and organization.

3.  Reading comprehension.

Once you are ready to assemble, consult the package directions. This will not only involve reading, but comprehension as well. Read the directions and review the building steps together.

4. Sorting.
Before adding the candy, try sorting it and classifying it by color or type. This is a fun activity for kids to try and easy for their little hands as well. Have them sort the various candies into dishes prior to decorating so when it is time, the candies are sorted and ready to go.

5. Pattern building.
Use the various candies to create patterns on the house. This is a great to do on the roof or when creating the walkway on the house. Use various colors/candies and see what sort of patterns you can create.

6. Angles.
When building a house, you will notice that a variety of angles are created. Take the time to count and point out the various angles you have created. You can also identify them as 30, 60, or 90 degree angles as you see them.

7. Writing.
When done, create a list of names for your house. You can even write a poem about it, or write down your favorite things about it. This is a great way to practice those writing skills!

Building a gingerbread house is not only fun, but now you can see it is educational as well. So this season build a gingerbread house of your own and see how much you can learn!


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