5 Ways To Skip Delhi Belly On Vacation
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5 Ways To Skip Delhi Belly On Vacation

Delhi Belly only happens in India, right? As long as I avoid the sub-continent, then, I should be fine, shouldn’t I?

The strain of the virus which affects India is limited to that part of the world. Eating spicy curries for a couple of weeks will have a terrible impact on the stomach. However, the truth is that the term is a euphemism for diarrhea across the board. When you spend more time on the toilet than seeing the sights, there is something wrong. Sadly, a vacation is the perfect storm in this regard thanks to the change of diet.

It’s not uncommon to go away and suffer from the runs. Of course, this is something everyone wants to avoid like the plague. There is nothing worse than a bad dish ruining the whole trip. At the same time, holiday-goers wish to splash out and try new things. In short, you want to have fun and overeating is always an excellent place to begin. Are there ways to fill your belly without it coming back to haunt you later?

Thankfully, there are and you can find them underneath. Good luck, guys and girls.

5 Ways To Skip Delhi Belly On Vacation

Wash Your Hands

You can’t see them, but bacteria swarm around the body like locusts. Some are healthy and help with things such as digestion, whereas others are nasty. It’s crucial to limit the bad kind to prevent any health issues, and washing your hands is a start. All it takes is warm water and soap and the bacteria should wash off into the plug hole. There is nothing difficult about the process.

Still, plenty of people go number one and two and neglect to wash up afterward. Or, as poor a decision is only to use water to wet the hands. Soap is essential because it kills off microbes and prevents them from entering the bloodstream.

Don’t assume there is no need to wash-up because you don’t do it at home. It’s the same difference. The truth is it isn’t because the microorganisms aren’t the same. Also, your body doesn’t have the same tolerance so the impact is bound to be greater. Always clean your hands before sitting down for a bite to eat.


Avoid Street Vendors


Ask travelers what they love about foreign cuisine and they’ll say the culture. Forget sitting down to a three-course meal in a restaurant because there is no need. Instead, get the troops together and hit up the nearest collection of food vans. They have delicious food which is affordable and casual. Quite simply, eating street meat is one of the best things to do on vacation in their eyes.

Yes, some amazing cooks and chefs take their craft seriously while serving by the side of the road. And, the majority of people are conscious enough to keep their workstation clean and bacteria-free. On the flip side, there will be those who don’t care and want to make money. If you end up eating from one of these establishments, food poisoning is on the menu.

If the vendors are reputable then it should be safe. Swerve the ones on their own in the middle of nowhere looking to make a quick buck.


Research Restaurants

The alternative is to schedule a sit-down meal and eliminate the risk. Restaurants with chairs and tables take food hygiene seriously, so there shouldn’t be any issues. The operative word in the last sentence was “shouldn’t.” In reality, there are cowboys in the hospitality sector too. They look like the real deal but they are far from the finished article.

Thankfully, a site such as Trip Advisor can help in these situations because it has all kinds of information. A review is one thing, but comments on the state of the kitchen as well as the food are crucial. Some even tell the reader whether the business has restaurant insurance or is flying solo. The point is that you can use the data to select places to eat and avoid taking risks.


There is no reason to research every single eatery within a five-mile radius. There isn’t enough time in the day. But, selecting the ones which stand out for the right and wrong reasons is a savvy move. At least you know where to eat and where not to on arrival.


Go Vegetarian?

Plenty of travelers believe in investing in vegetarianism and not only to save the planet. Less developed countries tend to have problems with meat, so munching on greens is a safety tactic. Skip the chicken and the pork and there is less chance of catching salmonella or getting food poisoning.

Cool, what a great tip to keep in mind. Well, it is until you realize that there are issues with vegetables also. Not all of them are bacteria catchers, but the green ones such as lettuce can be trouble. It’s down to their thick leaves which are difficult to wash properly and prepare.

It’s a hard one to get right because the vegetarian option will undoubtedly contain leafy veg. However, if possible, try and stick to beans, pulses and lentils and ingredients that are easy to clean. Hummus is fantastically tasty and, it turns out, safer for the stomach.


Drink Bottles Of Water

Food isn’t the only culprit. In fact, H2O is probably the main reason for an upset tummy on vacation. One slight displacement in water can turn the body’s systems upside down. You know, like when you use the fluid from the faucet to brush your teeth.

Staying away from dirty H2O is obvious, especially in a place which is infamous. But, it’s still difficult to avoid it altogether even if you stick to bottles of water. Think about ice for a moment. Do you think the locals spend money investing in frozen water? The answer is no, which is why it’s usually better to decline it in the first place. Also, be wary of dodgy sellers who glues caps onto bottles. Check the seal before drinking.


You might not be visiting Delhi, but it doesn’t mean your belly won’t experience an incident. Do you think you can avoid the inevitable?


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