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4 Ways To Get Your Kid Mega Into Sports

It doesn’t matter whether you were the head cheerleader, wide-receiver on your football team, great at netball, volleyball or more of a music-type at school, every parent wants their kid to be good at sports. Sure, a big part of that is to do with the fact kids in the sports team tend to escape any locker treatments, but it is also because sports sets kids up for life.

You learn how to work in a team, you learn how to get on with difficult people, how to ignore the doubters, work well under pressure, understand what the boss wants, find their worth and boost their patience, and that’s just a skin-deep scratch on the long list of positive points.

However, before you can start to see just how sports can bring the best out in your kid, you need to help them get into sports first. That’s the tricky part. So, without further ado, here are our top tips on how to get even the most reluctant kid off their screens and into sports.

  1. Fun over Rules Everything

Tom Brady, Serena Williams, Bonnie Blair, Michael Jordan, Ronda Rousey –  they all got into sport for one reason and one reason only: it was fun. That’s what makes people smile and laugh and not want to stop. So, whatever you are doing or trying, see if you can find a way to up the fun-levels even that little bit more.

  1. Join In With Them

We’re not saying you need to start shouting louder from the bleachers or joining the coaching staff at their little league team. We’re saying you need to take a healthy interest and see this as bonding time. Us parents work a lot, so when it’s home time, your kid wants to be with you. That could mean standing in the front yard play catch with baseball mitts, it could be running through the park or putting jumpers down as soccer goals. So long as you get involved they will love it.

  1. Find Ways To Encourage

As soon as kids see you encouraging them, they become so much more interested in what they are doing. But here’s the best part, there are so many ways you can encourage your child. It could be buying them some new soccer boots, or a new baseball bat, or signing them up to the FCB Canada soccer camp or taking them to a professional game, getting their mitt signed by their favourite player, or watching a sports film with Kevin Costner, or just telling them how good they’re doing and how fast they’re improving. All of these things will see something in their brains go tick and, wow, they’ll be interested like never before.

  1. Set An Example

This is one that so many parents never give my thought to. But you should. You see, why should your kid want to go outside and play if you love spending your days watching Netflix? What sort of encouragement will that give them? What sort of example will you be setting? Instead, what you should do is lead from the front, get exciting about a day in the park practising or giving them a chance to try a new sport each week. That is what kids feed off.

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