3 Life-Changing Ways To Spend Less On Clothes
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3 Life-Changing Ways To Spend Less On Clothes

Spending less and saving more is a difficult task. Most people tend to look at things like their energy bills, mobile phone contracts, and the other big expenses in life. What I find interesting is that most people seem oblivious to the fact that they spend loads of money on clothes. It’s only when you sit down and calculate how much you spend per year that you truly realize where all your money is going.

We also feel like we’re left with no choice but to buy new clothes from time to time. Perhaps there’s a big event that you need a nice dress for, or maybe you’re old clothes started to rip and fade? Regardless, this article will help you spend less on clothes for the rest of your life.

Give Your Children Hand-Me-Downs

Spending money on your own clothes is bad enough, not to mention the fact your kids need clothes too. Luckily, you can so easily reduce how much you spend on their clothes by giving them hand-me-downs. When older children or relatives grow out of their clothes, they can hand them down to your kids. There’s a whole article over on csmonitor.com, that may help you use the hand-me-down method as effectively as can be. I love it because it means you don’t have to go out and buy new clothes that your kids will eventually grow out of in a few months anyway!

Dry Clean Expensive Clothes

There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on something, only for it to shrink in the wash. Sadly, this happens to a lot of cotton-based clothing products. It’s a waste of your money as you don’t get to wear the item for a long time, and you probably decide to buy a new one to replace it anyway. The solution is to dry clean your expensive clothes as this cleans them without the danger of shrinkage. If you look on stitchit.co, you may see a dry cleaning service close to where you live. Yes, this costs money, but the overall cost-benefit means you save money over time, by not having to replace shrunken clothes!

3 Life-Changing Ways To Spend Less On Clothes

Shop Out Of Season

Certain clothes become popular during certain seasons. In winter, we see loads of jumpers, coats, and warm clothing hitting the shelves. In summer, all these items are usually on sale. The same goes for summer clothes during autumn/winter. My idea is to buy new clothes out of season, saving a shed load of money. For example, buy any new summer clothes now, and you’ll have some ready for the hotter months coming up. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save by using this simple trick.


Are any of these ideas particularly hard to implement or commit to? No! Can they save you loads of money on clothing expenses every year? Yes! Seriously, track your expenses and see how much you spend on new clothes throughout the year. It will freak you out, but you can reverse your spending by following the three tips mentioned above.


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